Group Excercise Class Schedule

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Location: Multi-Purpose Room/Gym

Classes and times are subject to change without prior notice.

Class Description

  • Interval Training – Combination of cardio drills and strength training
  • Cardio Pump – A step class that also incorporates muscle toning with weights.
  • Step and Sculpt – Intense step with brief periods of strength training.
  • Core & More – This class focuses on core muscles with cardio and strength intervals.
  • Body Sculpt – A workout to isolate upper and lower body muscles using dumbells and tubing and barbells.
  • Kettlebell – Basic class to introduce traditional kettlebell moves to condition entire body.
  • Pilates– A series of exercises based on the work of Joseph Pilates to strengthen and lengthen muscles.
  • Pilates 2– Intermediate level contemporary class where Magic circle, stability balls, rollers and gliders enhance this full-body workout.
  • Zumba– A non-stop cardio dance class with a combination of fast and slow rhythms using Hindi, Arabic, American, African, Hip-Hop and Latin beats.
  • Circuit Training– Combination of high intensity aerobics and resistance training using a variety of different stations to target fat loss.
  • Water Fitness– This is a great form of low-impact exercise for people with arthritis, overweight, reconditioned or recovering from an injury.
  • R.I.P.P.E.D– This is a “plateau proof formula,” using some free weights and resistance bands, that masterfully combines resistance, interval, power, plyometrics, endurance and diet, allowing you to burn 750-1,000 calories in just 50 minutes.
  • Tabata– A 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training class with a 20/10 work/rest with a series of exercises.
  • Indoor Cycle– A challenging indoor ride with upbeat music and instruction to give you the ultimate workout. Bring a towel and water.
  • Aqua Zumba– Aqua Zumba uses dance and fitness moves to upbeat music, only it’s in the water.
  • Glutes and Abs– Three 20 minute sections consisting of aerobics, leg and glutes and abdominals.
  • Intense Fit– Intense drills designed to enhance agility, power, strength and quickness.
  • Hydro-Tone– Discover the benefits of liquid resistance using unilateral movement. Increase performance and overall functional fitness using hand buoys, noodles and bands.
  • AfterBurner– Multi-mode extreme cardio burst workouts; using varied rounds of intensity combined with weight and resistance training for targeted fat burn.
  • P.H.I.T.T.– Interval training for Pilates students who want more cardio to increase the calorie burn.
  • Zumba Sentao– A Dynamic Zumba class using a chair. This class brings the classic four core steps and Latin inspired music and mixes them with resistance traning.
  • Strength Crunch– Lunch time strength class working the major muscle groups using barbells, dumbbells and bands.
  • Over Age 50 Class– A low-impact workout designed to build strength, improve balance, flexibility and conditioning. Dumbbells, bands and chairs are used to help keep the active older adult moving and active.
  • Family Zumba– This class is for anyone. It is high-energy and perfect for all fitness levels. Get in shape as a family. Have fun and feel better.
  • Family Cycle– Come enjoy indoor cycling with your family. This class is for parents and their children ages 10 years old and up. Must meet height requirement of 4’10’.  Adults without children are welcome.
  • Kids Zumba– This is the perfect class to dance and have fun. For children 7 – 14 years old. Kid friendly routines will help develop a healthy life-style, build confidence and introduce fitness into your child’s life.
  • Kids Fitness– This class is geared towards youth 5 – 12 years old. It will introduce them to fun games and physical activities that promote health and wellness. An active lifestyle starts when we are young.