Breathing Techniques and Benefits

Breathing happens naturally on a regular basis. So why should you practice breathing exercises, better known as pranayama? Pranayama comes from the Sanskrit words “prana,” which means breath or life force and “ayama,” which means to extend or expand. When combined together, they mean extension of life force. 



For those of you who do not know, the Kroc has a commercial kitchen with a classically trained chef. Chef Geoff Schneider has run the Kroc Kitchen and Events Department since 2017.

10 Household Items to use for your Workouts

Exercising at home isn’t for everybody, but many of you are faced with trying to create ways to keep your normal workout routine going provided current circumstances.

How to Stay Motivated When No One Is Watching! 5 Tips for Working Out from Home

While Greenville remains on lockdown, you may be finding it difficult to fit your workouts into your daily plan and challenging to find the motivation… especially when no one is watching!

Slow Down Showdown Blog

When it comes to our Kroc Team, YOU motivate US! That’s why we are excited to bring you the Slowdown Showdown: A five-week competition that tracks both community impact and physical impact. Earn points for completing workouts and for staying busy around your house.