Benefits of Personal Training

Thinking about using your FIVE free personal training sessions you receive upon being a member of Kroc Greenville? Or thinking about signing up for more? Our Fitness Team has put together some great reasons to try it out.

1.       Need motivation? A personal trainer can help you set realistic goals and set a plan.

2.       No excuses. A personal trainer will hold you accountable and help you to commit to the program.

3.       Gain confidence. Under the guidance of a personal trainer, you will become more confident as you learn proper form and technique.

4.       Avoid injury. Learning proper exercise form and technique will improve your results and prevent injury.

5.       Personal attention. A personal trainer is going to design a workout based on your individual needs.

6.       Age gracefully. You can adjust or adapt your program as you age, allowing you to maintain functionality and strength.

7.       Have fun! Working out with a trainer should be enjoyable and give you a feeling of success.

Our Fit Start Program offers an exciting way for you to meet your goals, so check out our Personal Training information HERE!

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