Featuring over 20 all new pieces of cardio equipment in the fitness center to our dedicated Spin Studio or Group Fitness Studio down the hall, our Fitness Program is equipped to help you meet your goals.

  • 20 pieces of Precor Cardio equipment, all equipped with tv screen console
  • Free Weights
  • Resistance Machines, Smith Machine, and Roque squat rack
  • Group Fitness Studio is a Barre and mirror studio
  • Spin Studio featuring programmable disco lighting and digital classes
  • Functional training area
  • Skilled staff
  • Kroc Fit Box dedicated to high-intensity functional training



Let a Certified Personal Trainer create a specialized fitness program to help you reach your goals through one-on-one or partner training. We’ll help you stay motivated and focused!

15 SESSIONS$32 each$23 each$20 per person
10 SESSIONS$34 each$24 each$22 per person
5 SESSIONS$36 each$25 each$24 per person
SINGLE$39 each$27 each$27 per person


FREE with your membership!

Take the guesswork out of your workout.  Follow the exceptional guidance from our certified instructors.  Classes provide fitness, fun, and accountability in your routine.  No exclusions, no judgement.

Community Classes  and monthly calendar listed below (click for info).

  • Cycle Core
    A fun and challenging 45-minute ride followed by 15 minutes of core exercises.
    Wednesday 9:30am                                                                                                           Instructor: Jennifer
  • Cycle Fit
    An exciting mix of endurance, strength, hills, and drills!  This class is sure to increase your fitness level.
    Monday 9:30am                                                                                                           Instructor: Jennifer
  • RPM
    Les Mills RPM is an exciting journey across hills and flats where you gradually build to peak intensity, then ease back down.                                                                              Tuesday/Thursday 5:30pm                                                                                          Instructor:  Erin
  • Spin
    A challenging indoor ride with upbeat music, endurance training and intervals to give you the intense cycle trip you’ve been looking for!                                                    Monday 6:00pm                                                                                                                Instructor: Carla 
  • Sprint
    SPRINT is a Les Mills cycle class that challenges you with intense intervals of sprinting. A full cardio work out in only 30-minutes!                                                          Friday/Saturday 8:45am                                                                                                Instructor:  Matt
  • Aqua Jog
    Mixed tempo, deep water exercises to alleviate spinal compression and joint pain.  Uses waist belts, buoys, and noodles to increase resistance in the water.
    Tuesday 12:00pm
    Instructor: Amy
  • Aqua Zumba
    A real splash of dance moves with a smooth mix of Latin and today’s music hits.
    Monday & Wednesday 11:00am
    Instructor: Tina
  • Hydro-Tone
    Discover the benefits of liquid resistance using unilateral movement.  Uses buoys, noodles, and bands to increase overall functional fitness.
    Thursday 12:00pm
    Instructor: Amy
  • Barre
    Rooted in ballet and Pilates, this upbeat class provides posture, flexibility and a full-body workout!  No barre/dance trainnig required.
    Monday 6:30pm, Wednesday 8:30am, Friday 8:30am

    Instructor: Nina, Margoth, & Kimilee
  • Beginner Fit
    If you are new to exercise of looking for a lower intensity class, this is the place for you! Beginner Fit offers low-impact exercise with a mix of cardio and strength training.
    Monday – Friday 9:30am
    Instructor: Stephanie
  • Beginner Walk
    Exercise and socialize?  Why not?!  Take a walk with us on the Swamp Rabbit Trail and around downtown.  A great way to enjoy the morning and burn some calories.
    Monday & Friday 8:30am
    Instructor: Stephanie
  • Body Pump
    The original LES MILLS barbell class that will sculpt and strengthen your entire body!
    Monday 5:30pm, 
    Tues/Thurs 6:30pm,  Saturday 9:00am
    Instructor: Nina & Teia
  • Boot Camp
    Looking for a challenge? Boot Camp combines cardio, strength training, and body weight exercises.  Each class showcases a different style of high-intensity training to push your workout!
    Mon – Fri 6am & 8:30am   
    Wednesday 5:45pm
    Instructor: Stephanie, Casey, Kim
  • Fit Kids
    Parents, let us keep the kids active while you take some time for you!  This class rotates between youth-friendly group fitness activities, sports, group games, and rock climbing.
    Ages 7 – 12
    Tuesday 4:30pm
    Instructor: Chelsea
  • Kettlebell AMPD
    Your favorite kettlebell moves combined into 60 minutes of calorie-torching fun! This class can easily be modified to your fitness level.
    Tues/Thurs 5:30pm
    Instructor: Nina, Teia
  • Pilates
    Based on the work of Joseph Pilates, this class is a series of non-impact exercises to develop strength, flexibility, and balance.
    Tuesday/Thursday 9:00am
    Instructor: Amy
  • Silver Sneakers
    Silver Sneakers is the nation’s leading exercise program for active, older adults. This class is focused on fitness, friends, and fun!
    Monday – Friday 11am

    Instructor: Stephanie
  • Strong                                                                                                                                        Developed by the creators of Zumba, this class incorporates body weight, cardio, & plyometric training synced to original music.                                                                Wednesday 6:30pm, Friday 6pm (non-event weekends only)                                            Instructor: Teia
  • Tabata
    A 45-minute high intensity interval training class with 20/10 work/rest structure. Designed to help you power through a fun and tough workout!
    Tues/Thurs 10:00am
    Instructor: Amy
  • Zumba
    Non-stop cardio dance class! Combo of fast and slow rhythms using Hindi, American, African, and Latin beats. Saturday 10:30am
    Instructor: Teia
  • Yoga
    Yoga incorporates balance, meditation and stretching. A great way to increase core strength, flexibility, and peace of mind.  1/2 – Begin/Inter   2/3 – Inter/Advanced  All Levels – For Everyone  Flex – Weights added

Mon 9:30am (2/3), 5:30 (Flex)          Tues 6:00am (Flex)                                   Tues/Thurs 12pm (All Levels), 6:30pm (2/3)    Wed 9:30am (1/2), 5:30pm (Yin Yoga)  Fri 6:00am (Flex), 9:30am (2/3)                    Sat 9:30am (All Levels) 10:30am (Yin Yoga) Instructors: Dena, Kelly, Jill, Samantha, Matt





Events, programs, and classes for the whole family.

The Kroc Center is a safe, caring and exciting place in our community where residents of all ages, races, educational backgrounds and economic means can come together to learn, grow, and explore their potential and to experience God’s love in the process.

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