What to expect: Smaller classes = personalized coaching. To feel challenged while having FUN! Superior equipment from Rogue. High Intensity Interval Training. Olympic lifts + cardio. CrossFit certified instructors.



Strengthen your body and challenge yourself with functional fitness like never before! Our CrossFit certified instructors will ensure that everyone from beginners to experienced athletes learn proper technique and safety to maximize results.

KrocFit will be open to all Kroc Greenville adult members (18+) starting July 20.  Participants must complete an Intro class before attending regular classes.   Reservations are required and may be booked up to 3 days in advance.

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6 AM
5 PM, 6 PM
5 PM, 6 PM6 AM, 5 PM (Intro), 6 PM6 PM6 AM, 5 PM9 AM




Please visit our Facebook page @KrocGreenville for daily online at-home workouts! And watch the video below to learn how to register for Group Fit classes and fitness center time slots:


With over 300 Group Fit classes to choose from monthly and a variety of programs and venues to participate in. Whether you prefer to complete your routine in the Fitness Center, Gymnasium, or Functional Fitness Room or want to take the guesswork out with help from our certified instructors and trainers, you’re covered. No exclusions, no judgement!


Featuring: 20 pieces of Precor Cardio equipment, all equipped with tv screen console Free Weights Resistance Machines, Smith Machine, and Roque squat rack Group Fitness Studio is a Barre and mirror studio Spin Studio featuring fun lighting and digital classes! Functional training area Skilled and friendly staff Functional Fitness Room (with weekly Kroc Fit programming $)

  • Aqua Jog
    Mixed tempo, deep water exercises to alleviate spinal compression and joint pain.
  • Aqua Zumba
    A real splash of dance moves with a smooth mix of Latin and today’s music hits.
  • Hydro-Tone
    Discover the benefits of liquid resistance while toning and strengthening your entire body. A mix of shallow and deep water exercises.
  • Cycle Core
    A fun and challenging 45-minute ride followed by 15 minutes of core exercises.
  • Cycle Fit
    An exciting mix of endurance, strength, hills, and drills! This class is sure to increase your fitness level.
  • Les Mills RPM
    A 45-minute journey designed to take you to your cardio peak!
  • Silver Cycle
    Designed for active older adults!  A challenging, low impact workout that is easy on joints.
  • Les Mills SPRINT
    This LES MILLS cycle class mixes a series of sprints with rest periods for a high-intensity cardio challenge. A full workout in only 30 minutes!
  • Barre
    Rooted in ballet and Pilates, this upbeat class provides posture, flexibility and a full-body workout! No barre/dance training required.

  • Pilates
    Based on the work of Joseph Pilates, this class is a series of non-impact exercises to develop strength, flexibility, and balance.
  • Yoga
    Yoga incorporates balance, meditation and stretching. A great way to increase core strength, flexibility, and peace of mind.  1/2 – Begin/Inter   2/3 – Inter/Advanced  All Levels – For Everyone  Flex – Weights added
  • Active Fit Total Strength
    Includes athletic exercises using dumbbells, barbells, and body weight to improve cardiovascular fitness, build total body strength, and enhance functional movement.
  • Les Mills BODY PUMP
    The original Les Mills barbell class that will sculpt and strengthen your entire body!
  • Boot Camp
    Looking for a challenge? Boot Camp combines cardio, strength training, and body weight exercises. Each class showcases a different style of high-intensity training to push your workout!
  • Les Mills CXWORX  (New!!)
    This Les Mills 30-minute class focuses on the linkage between upper body & lower body – our CORE muscles – which are essential for nearly all movements. Ideal for tightening your core while also improving functional strength.
  • Fit Kids
    Parents, let us keep the kids active while you take some time for you! This class incorporates a variety of kid-friendly fitness activities and games.
    Ages 7-12
  • HIIT 30
    30-minute high intensity classes for those who need to get in and get out!
  • Kettlebell AMPD
    Your favorite kettlebell moves combined into 60 minutes of calorie-torching fun! This class can be easily modified to fit your fitness level.
  • Silver Sneakers
    Silver Sneakers is the nation’s leading exercise program for active, older adults. This class is focused on fitness, friends, and fun!
  • Tabata | HIIT Strength
    A 45-minute high intensity interval training class with 20/10 work/rest structure. Designed to help you power through a fun and tough workout!
  • TRXpress
    Get ready to increase power, strength, and endurance with this total body workout. Open to all fitness levels.
  • Zumba
    Non-stop cardio dance class! Combo of fast and slow rhythms using Hindi, American, African, and Latin beats.



Whether you need accountability, encouragement, or a change in your routine, our Certified Personal Trainers are here to help ignite your fitness journey. And did you know your Kroc membership includes five FREE personal training sessions? Schedule an appointment with our Fitness staff to start your customized fitness plan.

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15 SESSIONS$34 each$24 each$27 per person
10 SESSIONS$36 each$25 each$30 per person
5 SESSIONS$39 each$27 each$33 per person
SINGLE$42 each$29 each$35 per person


A FUN fitness class designed for kids! Activities vary weekly. Kroc Youth members are welcome to join us in the Group Fit Studio.

Ages 7-12 | Tuesdays 4:30 PM | Instructor: Chelsea


Allen Dill

864-527-5948 ext. 66010 | Email

Allen Dill has been a member of the Kroc family since 2010, save for 9 months of traveling with his wife doing international missions work. Allen has a dedication to the betterment of other’s lives, which he carries out through Fitness programs, and is bolstered by his leadership experiences. Getting his start in youth programming, Allen managed various summer camps, after-school youth programs, and teen programs for 8 years. Upon receiving an ACE Personal Trainer certification, Allen assisted in the opening of a fitness facility, where he worked as a trainer for several years. He then completed his bachelors in Physical Education from USC Upstate, joining the Kroc’s Sports and Homeschool Programs shortly thereafter. Allen has since become our Wellness Director and is an advocate for all of our members’ health. Visit Allen and the Fitness staff to strengthen your fitness plans.