Kroc Greenville is excited to introduce you to the world of triathlon racing! Join us in 2022 as we roll out several new triathlon programs: our Indoor Triathlon, 12-week adult triathlon training program, and GVL Tri-Fecta triathlon festival.

    GVL Tri-Fecta is a triathlon festival that features 3 races: the Just Tri It youth race, Couch To Triathlon adult race, and the Tri My Best adaptive youth race. See below for information and to register for your event!

Let’s get you trained up!

Our friends at B-3 Coaching are offering a 12-week training program for never-ever or novice triathletes to prepare for the Middle Tyger YMCA sprint triathlon on September 3!

Registration opens May 20.  Training starts June 13.

Open to Kroc Greenville members and non-members. So grab a friend and let’s get training!


The GVL Tri-Fecta is a triathlon celebration that offers 3 different races for never-ever or novice athletes – the Just Tri It youth race, the Tri My Best youth adaptive race, and the Couch to Triathlon adult race.

The Tri-Fecta is designed to provide an opportunity for participants of all ages the chance to test the waters in the sport. More information on each race below.”


Thanks for a great event! We will see you next year!

Times for each leg of the race

  • Swim 10′
  • Bike 35′
  • Run 15′
  • Transitions 5′