Kroc Membership Update (3/26)

Dear Kroc Greenville Family,

As we have all felt the impact of the outbreak in one way or another, we hope that you are staying well and healthy during this time. We are looking forward to when we will be able to open our doors to our members and our entire community once again.

In the meantime, we hope you are taking advantage of our social media workouts on Facebook each day. Our talented fitness instructors are working hard to provide quality classes to help you stay motivated. Additionally, many members of our Kroc Team are helping to pick up donated goods from the community to assist those in need. We are grateful for the support from families throughout Greenville.

Taking care of our members is a top priority. We could not exist without your support. We hope that you will continue to support Kroc Greenville during this time by continuing your memberships. As you know, the Kroc Center is a nonprofit community center serving a broad spectrum of the Greenville populace. Because of generous contributions from our members and others, we are able to continue our community based mission of extending our services and opportunities to members that lack financial means and would otherwise not be able to participate in the Kroc Center’s activities. Your continued support and membership is important for us to continue that mission.

If you pay on a month-to-month basis, please keep your account open. We understand that not everyone is able to do so at this time. If you need to place your membership payment for May on hold, please reach out to the Membership Team by April 10, 2020, by contacting

At this time, we anticipate Kroc Greenville will be closed through May 17, 2020. We will continue to follow the recommendations put forth by local, state and federal officials. If conditions improve, we will consider opening Kroc Greenville or the Tennis Center earlier. We hope to see our Kroc Greenville family sooner than later, and wish you all the best.


The Kroc Greenville Team