Sound Mind, Sound Body: The Mental Benefits of Tennis

By Keegan Barkley | March 19, 2021


I think we would all agree that playing tennis has physical benefits. We should also stop to think about the mental benefits we are deriving from the sport as well!

When compared to athletes who participate in other sports, and non-athletes, people who play tennis tend to rank higher in categories such as self-esteem and optimism. They also have been proven to show lower levels of depression, anxiety and even anger.


Playing tennis regularly helps the brain release serotonin and endorphins. Higher levels of these two neurotransmitters have been shown to decrease stress, anxiety and depression, while positively influencing someone’s mood and sleep.


Consistent exercise, like tennis, boosts your self-confidence and body image. The physically demanding sport involves movements that will help build muscle, burn calories, and even improve posture. Walking a little taller, and being more confident are a few of the psychological benefits from the “tennis side-effects.”

Tennis is a complex sport. It requires quick decision making, critical thinking, and coordination. The more a tennis player practices the previous listed skills, the better tennis player they will become. I believe we all can agree critical thinking and decision making are beneficial qualities for any task we need to tackle in life!


The last year has been a trying time filled with stress and worries about the future. My hope is that activities like tennis continue to be a staple in people’s lives to improve mental health and well-being.

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