Our Aquatics Center is exciting for kids and adults of all ages.

The 25-yard, 6-lane lap pool can be used for leisure lap swimming, as well as more aggressive racing. There is also a zero-entry pool, which provides fun for the whole family with its many water features. One of the main water features is a full-sized water slide which exits the building and re-enters landing you into the main pool. There is even a whirlpool spa that can hold 12 people at a time.


Lap Pool

Sunday2:00PM – 6:30PM
Monday-Thursday5:45AM – 8:30PM
Friday5:45AM – 7:30PM
Saturday7:15AM – 6:30PM

Recreational Pool

Sunday2:00PM – 6:30PM
Monday-Friday10:00AM – 7:30PM
Saturday10:00AM – 6:30PM

Learn to Swim!

Learning how to swim is a critical component of every child’s development. At the Kroc Center, swim lesson students are moved through progressive levels of swim lessons as they accomplish new skills and abilities. Our instructors make swimming lessons fun and help students develop both swimming skills and self confidence.

How to Enroll

  1. Determine the level for your child based on their age and current skill level.
  2. Register for class online or in person at Kroc welcome desk.

Parents’ Guide to Swim Lessons

  • Arrive early to check-in and familiarize your child with the facility. Please have your child ready for class at the start of the lesson time.
  • Instructors will call out each child’s name on their roster just before start of class. You can also check which class your child is in with the aquatics desk.
  • Have your child go to the bathroom before lessons. Children who are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper (available for purchase at the Front Desk) to prevent bathroom incidents in the pool.
  • In the event of inclement weather we will use class time to go over water safety rules in our café area. We will make an effort to make up the class if we are unable to do so we will do a partial refund for the classes missed.
  • Parents/guardians need to stay on Kroc campus during the lesson in case of an emergency. To avoid class interruption, please observe from our benches.
  • Class levels are frequently repeated to allow students to master skills and feel successful before advancing. Patience is the key to learning how to swim.
  • Please check with your child’s instructor about your child’s progress to determine whether they are ready to move up to the next level.

Kroc and Krocodilos Aquatics
Ages: 6 months – 3 years
Price: $45 per session (non-member* price)

These classes are designed to familiarize infants/toddlers (and their adult guardian) to water activities, and to prepare them to progress into the Krockies Aquatics and Krocodiles programs.

Classes are not designed to teach children to survive in the water on their own.

*No classes July 4th week*

5:00pm-5:30pmTuesday & ThursdayRecreation
Session 1Level 1June 12th-July 12th
Session 2Level 2July 17th-August 9th

Krocodiles Aquatics
Ages: 4 – 16 years
Price: $57 per session (non-member* price)

There are six levels in the Krocodiles Aquatics Program. Each level of this program includes the teaching and assessment of progressive swimming and water safety skills. Students are moved through the progressive levels as they accomplish the skills required at each level. (A student may remain at the same level for multiple sessions as they master the skills.)

*No classes July 4th week*


Session 1June 11th-June 21st
Session 2June 25th-July 12th
Session 3July 16th-July 26th
Session 4July 30th-August 9th

Krockies Aquatics
Ages: 3 – 5 years
Price: $23 per session for Tu; $45 per session Tu & Th (non-member* price)

These classes are a child’s first experience in a swim lesson without being accompanied by an adult. We orient preschool-age children to the aquatic environment, help them acquire basic aquatic skills, and prepare them to participate in the Learn to Swim Program.

*No classes July 4th week*

5:30p–6:00pTuesday & ThursdayRecreation
6:00p-6:30pTuesday & ThursdayRecreation
Session 1Level 1June 12th-July 12th
Session 2Level 2July 17th-August 9th

Kroc Aquatics
Ages: 14 years and up
Price: $57 per session (non-member* price)

It’s never too late to learn to swim or improve the skills you have. Lessons are adapted to each participant’s starting level so that you can become the swimmer you want to be.

*No classes July 4th week*

6:30pm-7:30pmMonday & WednesdayLap/Recreation
Session 1June 11th-July 11th
Session 2July 16th-August 8th


The Kroc Center is now offering a year round swim program, the Kroc Swim Academy (KSA) swim team. This program provides comprehensive training sessions and stroke analysis for athletes that are interested in pursuing a competitive swim program in a year round setting; as well as those athletes interested in improving their skills and techniques for their high school teams (starting in 7th grade). KSA provides a unique coaching environment with small practice groups allowing for individual attention that brings out the best in each swimmer. The training session’s atmosphere is relaxed but focused; interests and schedules of individuals are considered. Team size is limited so call today; 864-414-3749, and speak with Coach Palma, to schedule a tryout, so you too, can be part of this elite team!

Meet the Kroc Swim Academy Coaches

Terry Palma, Head Coach

Coach Palma swam competitively from 8 years old (Santa Monica YMCA & Santa Monica Swim Club), through college; (Santa Monica College, and UCLA).
For the past 45 years, he has coached age group swimmers, high school swimmers, collegiate swimmers, American Record holder (Bruce Stahl), and Olympic swimmers (Dara Torres, Tiffany Cohen and Angel Myers Martino). Coach Palma’s focus is, and always has been on developing proper technique first, and then working on developing the endurance side of the athlete; through working with multiple energy system to accomplish the desired results. He believes in meaningful training sessions that help teach the athlete race strategies, as well as, the why we are doing what we do, and not just yardage for yardage sake.

Chris Gibbs, Assistant Head Coach

Coach Gibbs grew up swimming under the legendary Jack Nelson in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. She swam for Ft. Lauderdale High and Furman University. Teaching swimming is her love. Her experience includes starting teams for minority and underprivileged kids in Georgia and South Carolina. Since returning to Greenville she has coached numerous SAIL teams including Canebrake, Sugar Creek, Stonehaven and RMEA. She trains all ages from age groupers to high schoolers to masters swimmers. Coach Gibbs has a desire to see all swimmers be the best they can be and reach their highest potential all in the most fun way possible.

Kroc Swim Academy Waves

Kroc Swim Academy is combination of the SAIL Prep and Teen Swim Conditioning. Our swim academy is made up of four waves. If you need assistance with determining which wave your swimmer belongs in please see one of our Kroc Swim Academy coaches for assistance.

Ages: 5 – 16 years

Price: $60

Wave 1:
•  Swim half the length of the lap pool on front and back

Wave 2:
•  Swim 25 yards freestyle
•  Swim 25 yards backstroke
•  Have an understanding of breaststroke

Wave 3:
•  50 yards freestyle
•  50 yards backstroke
•  50 yards breaststroke

Wave 4:
•  100 yards freestyle
•  100 yards backstroke
•  100 yards breaststroke
•  Have an understanding of butterfly

HOURS - **Pick 2 days - No practice Apr 10th-Apr 13th
13:30p–4:00pMonday & Wednesday OR Tuesday & ThursdayLap
Session 1January 8th-February 15th
Session 2February 19th-March 29th
Session 3April 9th-May 17th

Private Lessons

Ages: 3 and up

For all levels: Private 30-minute swim lessons are offered by select aquatics staff instructors. Multiple participants must be of similar ability.

Time set based on instructor and student availability.  Please call or email to setup private swim lessons.

  • 1 participant: $20
  • 2 participants: $25
  • 3 participants: $30
  • 1 participant: $72
  • 2 participants: $90
  • 3 participants: $108
  • 1 participant: $136
  • 2 participants: $170
  • 3 participants: $204

Ages: 18+ years
FREE for members

Greenville Splash Masters Swimming @ the Kroc is an exciting, fun, and dynamic workout for adult swimmers of all abilities. Workouts are designed for lap/fitness swimmers, triathletes, and competitive swimmers. Enjoy the benefits of structured workouts and professional coaching in a relaxed environment. Come on out and let our experienced coaches help to improve your technique, efficiency, strength and endurance.

6am-7amMonday, Wednesday, FridayLap